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Functional Test Fixtures – Getting the Enclosure Right

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Ergonomics, Equipment and Floor Space, Seismic, Power … and more. 

As a QA Functional Tester your job is to ensure circuit defects are flagged as early as possible and are well documented. You must emulate the environment where the product is expected to operate. You are the last phase on the production line – responsible for communicating status to the team as it pertains to the project release schedule. 

One problem, the tool you are using – your current test fixture – is not the right tool for the job. You have done your research and can’t seem to find anything that will address your issues without blowing your budget. 

We have good news for you; Emcor helps customers solve problems like this every day.

  • If we can’t find an exact solution for your fixture using our catalog components, we will modify our products to fit your needs.
  • If your requirements need a completely custom solution, our skilled design team is on hand to work with you to create it.
  • We will manufacture your enclosure in our plant—right here in the USA.
  • Our products are guaranteed to protect your test equipment; even in the harshest environments 

Read more about some of the issues our customers have brought to us – and how we have helped provide solutions. 

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Crenlo & Expanding Emcor Datacom Enclosures featured in Post-Bulletin.

Crenlo and Emcor Enclosure’s growing business in datacom server cabinets, enclosures and racks were recently featured in the Rochester Post-Bulletin.


Jerry Olson, jolson@postbulletin.com
The Emcor assembly line at the company’s manufacturing plant on Valley High Drive in Rochester.


Jerry Olson, jolson@postbulletin.com
Kevin Hovde, a 38-year employee of Crenlo, welds a large piece of steel framework at the company’s manufacturing plant on Valley High Drive in Rochester.

Excerpts from the article follow:

“Crenlo, a major manufacturer in Rochester for 64 years, is looking to grow by capturing a larger piece of the $2 billion computer component enclosure business. . . . Crenlo now employs between 650 to 700 people at its two Rochester facilities. It also has a loyal workforce, with 26 years the average employee tenure.

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Racks and Enclosures Should be an Afterthought

In an article for Mission Critical magazine, Steven Leidig, manager of enclosure engineering at Crenlo, discusses the importance of having an established design in place before ordering racks and enclosures for a data center.

Building an efficient data center requires significant analysis of a number of factors, including the number and type of servers needed, expected power usage, cooling requirements, airflow design, footprint, layout, cabling paths, and more. Each of these considerations can affect the others, and as such, the rule of thumb is that procurement should not take place until the design has been firmly established— a rule that is often broken, especially when procuring server racks and enclosures.

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EMI Shielding for Enclosures Calls for Application-Specific Thinking

In an article for COTS Journal, Joel Young, engineer at Crenlo, discusses why shielding of military electronics from electromagnetic interference (EMI) often necessitates the use of a custom enclosure.

There’s a special art to designing the proper EMI shielding for a system. Because every scenario is unique, getting the adequate protection means a lot of custom modifications to enclosures.

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