Bottoms and Bases

Bottom and Base Options

We offer a variety of bottom and base options for 10 Series® and ESQ®. Mounting hardware is included, if not configured prior to shipment.

Bottom Panels

These panels are used to close off the bottom of the frame. Solid and Perforated styles are most popular.





Riser Base (Pontoon Base)

A riser base (pontoon base) is available for applications where raising the enclosure above the floor is required. A riser base is also used when an electrical outlet is needed in the lower outside area of the frame.

Riser Base

Riser Base with Outlet Provisions

Slope Wedge Riser Base

Vertical Wedge Riser Base

Anti-Tip/Caster Dolly Base

This base is used for anti-tip requirements. Choose from swivel, rigid, or locking casters – ordered separately.

Anti-Tip Base/Caster Dolly

Fork Lift Base (ONLY compatible with 10 Series®)

This base provides for front, rear, and side access for a fork-lift .

Fork Lift Base