Supply Chain Management Services

End-to-End Product Lifecycle Support 

This aspect of our business truly enables us to provide end-to-end product lifecycle support for manufacturers in numerous industries. Not only do we support our clients by helping them design superior products that have been rigorously tested and properly certified, but now we can also help ensure that the supply chain that keeps those products moving into the marketplace is also just as effective, efficient, and reliable as the products themselves.

Our highly experienced Source Inspection specialists provide a variety of cost-effective services – ranging from specification conformity analysis to first article, finished product, and random unit sampling – to reduce costly production errors in your supply chain.

There are many reasons to utilize Source Inspection services. While most customers aim to increase efficiency and profitability by wringing out expense production errors, we believe that there are various other benefits that are often overlooked. 

As most of the manufacturing world has evolved to a “Just in Time” delivery model, Source Inspection services become increasingly critical to the assurance of on-time delivery of properly specified parts and components. And aside from product shipment delays, mitigating risk up front at the supplier point is the best way to minimize liability for product failures that could lead to high-profile and costly product recalls on the back end.

When obstacles arise within a company’s supply chain and formal investigations are conducted to identify the root cause of the problem, formal corrective actions are typically put in place to ensure that the problem does not reemerge somewhere down the line. 

To achieve full confidence that the required corrective actions have been properly implemented, the services of a qualified 3rd party inspection and verification service are often required. Our staff of trained inspectors perform this work on a daily basis, working on-site to independently confirm the proper implementation of required corrective actions and formally reporting back to the customer on their findings.

When suppliers’ schedules slip, yours can too. In the worst-case scenario, your production can come to a halt while you wait for critical materials to arrive. Various other scheduling problems can also arise from having too many procurement activities to perform and too few people to manage them. 

Our professional expeditors will seek out and analyze potential risks in your supply chain and ensure on time delivery of critical shipments. In the world of “Just in Time” supply chain management, who can afford the risk of costly delays? 

Let our team help. We can:

  • Identify and resolve supplier delivery obstacles in a timely manner
  • Offload your time-consuming procurement tasks to our team of trained professionals
  • Drastically reduce travel and lodging expenses because our expediters are already close to your suppliers

Our custom-designed Supplier-Funded Programs are designed to eliminate the cost of non-conforming parts and delivery delays while motivating your suppliers to improve their supply processes. These individually designed and negotiated programs transfer the cost of quality assurance to those suppliers whose performance fails to meet your stated requirements, with our team of trained specialists acting as your enforcement agent. Supplier-Funded Programs are designed to work in many ways using various services to reduce risk and increase reliability in your supply chain.

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