Manufacturing Services

Our capacity and capability to produce is integral to the growth and success of your business.

Manufacturing components for you makes us an extension of your business, and you in turn, a part of our success. Our business model is designed around building relationships from units within your business and over time, managing our mutual investments to capitalize on both of our strengths.

Laser Cutting

Lasers produce the cleanest / smoothest edge and they do it cost effectively and with a high degree of repeatability. The highly focused laser beam produces a minimal heat-affected zone and removes very little material allowing for intricate cutting and close nesting of parts. Precise control over the cut variables makes it possible to cut a wide variety of materials quickly, cleanly, and accurately, without tooling or machine setup.

We have high power flat-bed laser cutting machines to meet your production and prototyping needs. Most machines feature an automatic dual pallet loading system. We can accommodate production runs of any length.


Producing complex characteristics precisely on sheet metal parts via punching is an everyday occurrence. Making counter-sunk or extruded holes, louvers, assembly tabs, pre-punched holes/knockouts, as well as beading for part strength, are some of our punching capabilities. We have hundreds of standard shapes of tooling in stock for most applications.

Punching is performed quickly and efficiently on one of our many Turrets. They have computer-assisted part nesting capabilities, which facilitates maximum material utilization. With automatic tool changing options and high positioning speeds, the machine performs multiple punching plus marking and embossing operations within low turnaround.

Testing and Inspection

A variety of inspection equipment including tape measures, protractors, calipers, micrometers, thread gauges, dial calipers, and coordinate measuring machines are used to inspect critical tolerances and dimensions in all parts, guaranteeing defect-free, high quality parts are delivered to our customers.

The bending and forming portion of our facility transforms different masses and lengths of metal into tight configurations for precision-formed parts. We use a variety of machinery to carry out most forming functions to produce high quality products efficiently.

Extra functions include:

  • Pem inserts
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Fastening
  • De-burring

We have both robotic welding lines and manual welding booths, all of which are manned by welders who have completed our Certified Welding Program. 

Our robotic lines provide high speed repetitive welding. Our welding and grinding booths are equipped with both MIG and TIG welding capability to provide the flexibility to weld complex weldments in a variety of sizes. 

In addition to our machinery, we have two full time JIG and Fixture builders on staff to support our highly skilled welding team.

Whether your project requires temporary or permanent dies, fixtures, or jigs, we will build them for an order, then store and maintain the tooling for future stamping production runs.

Corrosion resistance, appearance and durability are important finishing requirements to ensure part or product longevity in the field. We offer a variety of finishes depending on application requirements. Powder paint and E-Coat are two of our most durable finish options.

Powder Paint

Powder coating utilizes a custom designed five-stage wash area to ensure consistent high quality paint adhesion. This specialized powder coating line is equipped with state-of-the-art powder applicator guns. The end of the paint line includes a curing oven for a quality finish every time.


Utilizing a trolley system that is in continuous movement throughout our facility, our E-Coat system is an industry leading procedure that allows for uniform paint coverage and superior corrosive resistance. The material used to coat our products’ is a high-performance epoxy electrocoat. It is achieved through an 18 step “dip” process followed by a 45-minute bake cycle. The system is larger enough to handle an item 100” X 62” X 72”.  The system can process approximately 20 an hour.

We have a dedicated assembly area with mechanized lifts and conveyors to allow for the extra care and handling required to assemble complex products. 

We have developed a cost-efficient value-added assembly solution for our customers to integrate different materials and components with the precision sheet metal parts currently being purchased. 

In addition, we will repackage, kit, and finish pack various products to improve lead-times and profits for our customers.

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