Server & Network Cabinets

Data Center Enclosures

At the epicenter of highly efficient and secure data center operations, you will find Emcor’s data center enclosures. We are renowned for our wide selection of server cabinets, including the PROTECTOR™, GUARDIAN™, and DEFENDER™ lines. These racks and server enclosures are designed to support mission-critical data center applications, providing exceptional security, airflow, and access management. With Emcor’s data center enclosures, you ensure conformance with high-quality manufacturing standards, from raw material selection to final assembly. They are recognized under the international ISO 9001 quality assurance program. Discover today how Emcor can help you optimize your data center operations, ensuring robustness, reliability, and resilience to keep your data centers running efficiently.

Emcor Enclosures ensures conformance to high quality manufacturing standards in all elements of the fabrication process. Manufacturing processes controls are utilized from the moment raw material is received and continue through final product assembly and inspection. Dimensional accuracy is statistically audited and verified throughout the cycle with the aid of three state-of-the-art coordinated measuring machines. All products are produced under the internationally recognized ISO 9001 quality assurance program.