traditional air traffic control console

Air Traffic Control Consoles

Consoles & Enclosures

Emcor has a long tradition of leadership in providing consoles and enclosures used for air traffic control. From towers, TRACONS and RAPCONS to en-route centers and flight service stations for the FAA and DOD, our installations span the nation and the world.

We take into account every aspect of the control room, including lighting, ergonomics, traffic flow, and acoustics to ensure the best working environment for ATC personnel. 

Emcor’s ATC Console Process

Air Traffic Control installations have an enormous number of components and are often put together and installed piece by piece on-site. We preassemble as much as we can prior to delivery, including pre-cutting panels with all necessary cut outs, making the assembly and installation process on-site quick and easy. 

After installation we know that having the most up to date technology and equipment is very important. When the new piece of equipment isn’t the same size or shape as the old one, we can supply you with a replacement panel or section of your console without shutting down your entire facility or having to do a complete reinstall.

Emcor’s FAA Tower Solutions

The FAA has set layout guidelines for four air traffic control tower sizes. Check out how close our design solution meets the FAA’s guidelines by clicking the tabs to see the different sized towers.

395 Sq. Ft. Tower

FAA Guidelines                                                                Emcor Solution





525 Sq. Ft. Tower

FAA Guidelines                                                                Emcor Solution


550 Sq. Ft. Tower

FAA Guidelines                                                                Emcor Solution


850 Sq. Ft. Tower

FAA Guidelines                                                                Emcor Solution