Design Services

At the Heart of Every Great Product Lies a Fantastic Design.

A design that effectively blends form and function to create a product that meets all of its functional requirements in a cost-effective and aesthetically elegant way – a design that ensures durability and performance for the life of the product.  In short, a design that takes all relevant factors into consideration. Our Engineering team offers a wide range of product design services to help you build the perfect product.

Decades of Experience

We have the resources and expertise to successfully manage engineering projects of all types and sizes. Our subject matters experts cover a wide range of technical disciplines, enabling us to put the right people to work on every project.

Their use of best practices within the standard tenets of planning, budgeting, resourcing, and supervising projects from start to finish enable us to reduce risk and uncertainty and ensure a successful outcome within the stated project deadline.

EMI Analysis

Dealing with electromagnetic interference (EMI) appropriately can be one of the most problematic design challenges to modern product development. When proper electromagnetic compatibility design practices have not been implemented in the design process, significant impact will be seen both in the functional reliability and the product’s inability to properly co-exist in its intended usage environment.

We help our customers proactively address these issues by providing them with some of the most experienced subject matter experts in the field of EMC. These subject matter experts cover every aspect of the equation, such as regulatory requirements, product design, EMI-control materials, and pre-compliance testing to ensure that the final development process takes all of these critical aspects into consideration.

Stress Analysis

We can subject your structure to the loads that it will experience in testing before it ever gets to the test stand, thereby identifying potential design problems and providing the critical insight needed to address them in advance so that you can breeze through the formal testing process.

Our stress analysis capabilities cover a wide range of functional requirements:

  • FEA (finite element analysis) using ANSYS and NASTRAN to make sure that stress levels do not exceed material allowables
  • Shock analysis to meet MIL-STD-901
  • Drop test analysis
  • Fracture mechanics to predict crack growth, as required by NASA
  • Material selection for strength, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, and weight
  • Impact analysis using LSDYNA for bird strike, tire fragments, and containment of high energy rotating parts
  • Thermal growth and thermal stress prediction
  • Failure analysis and recommendations for design optimization

Failure Effects Analysis

We have the expertise, systems, equipment, and procedures needed to properly conduct Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA) for your products. Our extensive base of FMEA knowledge enables us to recognize and determine where failures are occurring; their likelihood or re-occurrence, and the system-wide effect of the failures quickly and accurately. At the conclusion of your project, you will receive a formal FMEA report documenting all relevant findings and recommendations. We can also assist with the implementation of recommended FMEA modifications/solutions for your products.

Mechanical Analysis

We help design your mechanical parts and assemblies to function precisely as desired. We use ANSYS, SolidWorks Simulation, and CATIA to help design optimal mechanisms for a wide variety of applications.

We also use CATIA to optimize design for fit, form, and function. We specialize in taking your existing designs and improving them based on our wealth of experience so that you don’t miss important considerations that could result in costly post-manufacturing problems.

Examples of our design improvements are:

  • Modifying electrical housings for shock testing
  • Eliminating corrosion and erosion through selection of materials and finishes
  • Explosion proof assurance
  • Reducing vibration to customer-specified levels
  • Airframe strengthening for new configurations
  • Mechanism Design and Analysis

Collaboration for Improved Manufacturability & Value 

We collaborate with our customers to create solutions that increase the overall value of the component while, if possible, reducing the project costs. Our Value-Analysis / Value-Engineering Program (VA/VE) is a systematic process that validates and evaluates the manufacturability of a part. VA/VE identifies the most efficient manufacturing process and validates that functional requirements are met or improved upon by using that manufacturing process. Product value is increased if the part function increases while the costs are static or reduced.

We partner with our customers during new product development and when manufacturing or design changes are considered for existing parts. Value-added analysis is used to validate the processes for existing products. Value-engineering is used to analyze and validate new or revised products.

This methodical approach to increasing the value of a fabricated assembly, or a group of parts, builds a collaborative, cross-functional relationship between customer and supplier. By jointly working together to solve shared problems, we create solutions for manufacturing improvement and the long-term profitability of both organizations.

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