Integration Services

Enclosure, Rack & Cabinet Integration

Systems integration can be challenging for many companies as it often involves integrating servers, networking equipment, test equipment, or storage resources into a highly functional solution. Since it requires careful planning for manufacturing, shipping, and installation, the entire process can be complex. Businesses that need new enclosures, cabinets, racks, and hardware require quick and efficient solutions to streamline the entire process.

At Emcor, we have the experience and technical expertise to design, configure, integrate, and ship custom rack solutions to your location. Our proven systems facilitate each stage, from design and planning to creation and testing. Our team will work with you to develop the perfect rack or enclosure solution for your operation to make integration as easy as possible.

Design Assistance for Custom Integrated Rack Cabinets

Our integrations service saves you the time and resources of coordinating schedules between multiple vendors across all phases of the deployment process. We'll manage all the necessary modifications up front to ensure quick and efficient installation. One of the most significant benefits of our services is reducing the lengthy lead times that come with conventional rack and cabinet options.

Emcor offers solutions for businesses of all types and sizes, regardless of your system integration requirements. Our services can range from a simple, single cabinet to a fully integrated rack solution. Our racks integrate your computer hardware, power systems, and peripherals effectively and efficiently.

Our systems offer flexibility, scalability, and durability, ensuring easy installation and optimal equipment performance.

Additional benefits of our service include:

  • Time savings: Save time and resources when your components are ready to go upon arriving at your facility. We'll handle all the modifications and design feature integration for you, including cutting and drilling. We'll also ensure all components match your shielding, grounding and airflow requirements.
  • Precise placement: We ensure all system parts are intact, so your integrator doesn't need any modifications. The rails stay in place throughout the entire shipping process. Careful and accurate placement means you never worry about a defect.
  • Superior customer service: Our expert team will work with you to meet all your integration needs, from the early design phases to logistics to network configuration.

Custom Crates and Other Shipping Options

The possibility of damage during transport is a significant risk of purchasing integrated system enclosures. These problems may result in lengthy delays with the chance of unwanted downtime for your operation. That's why crates and packages must resist vibrations, shocks, temperature changes, and other elements that may affect your equipment's integrity.

The highlighted features of our custom shipping options include:

  • Crating: Our team has extensive packaging design and engineering experience for crating complex integrated systems. We use a practical, customized approach for each system we ship rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. Integrators can even re-use our crates for future shipments.
  • Patented coupling pallet shipping system: This system offers a highly effective approach for packaging without the need for ramps or expensive enclosures. We know integrated solutions can get heavy and our coupling easily solves this issue. This system can protect populated cabinets without removing the casters or other accessories, enabling complete assembly before the product ships. The coupling pallet is designed to bear the brunt of chains, straps, and tie-downs which often damage enclosures during shipping. All that's needed is a pallet jack or forklift and you can easily move your cabinet to the desired location once it arrives. These units can also pair together for more expansive systems to prevent rocking and further damage.


*Pictured above: patented coupling pallet with shipping cushions

  • Crates with ramps: Emcor can build custom crates with an enclosed ramp for easier access and unpacking. We engineer each ramp crate according to the load and required ramp strength. We build to withstand heavy-duty shipping requirements and the most extreme conditions.
  • Special packaging: If your company has special packaging requirements, like overpackaging or using fully recyclable or sustainable materials, our team will work with you to accommodate your needs.
  • Anti-scratch, non-marring tape: We secure your products using non-damaging tape to prevent scratching or other potential damage during unpacking or integration.


Once we complete your configuration, we integrate and test the system to ensure each component is rack-ready. These tests make sure the entire network operates accurately and efficiently before arriving at your facility. Examples of the tests we conduct include:

  • Acoustic testing: This test measures your system's dampening capabilities while determining if sound emissions meet the appropriate levels.
  • Temperature speed and processor temperature: These tests ensure your system operates optimally in the necessary temperature ranges.
  • Deflection & Weight load: We perform weight load tests to measure how much weight a rack or cabinet system can safely accommodate. We'll also consider any additional equipment you may need to add later.
  • Predictive and analytical testing: These tests use predictive analytics and machine learning to monitor network performance and further predict performance.

Connect With the Experts at Emcor Today

Since each system's design is unique, we understand there's no universal solution for engineering, testing, shipping, or integration. Whether working with your own team or a professional integrator, Emcor can develop a custom integrated enclosure specific to your company's unique needs. Since 1975, we've provided industry-leading electronic equipment enclosures to our long list of satisfied customers, domestically and internationally.

To learn more about our products and services and how they can benefit your operation, contact us online or call 507-287-3535 today.