Server Rack and Cabinet Lighting

Emcor manufactures high-quality products and accessories to protect your server racks and cabinets. Our designs balance form and function, meeting your unique needs in an elegant, cost-effective and practical way. We offer rack lighting options for ESQ®10 Series®FP1 and FP2.

What to Look for in Cabinet and Server Rack Lighting

Lighting choices are critical to server rack functionality, ensuring the best lighting conditions inside your server and protecting the sensitive equipment. They also boost the aesthetic. Some considerations when selecting server rack lighting include:

  • Compatibility: The first thing to remember is that your lighting solutions should be compatible with the server racks. They should be easy to install without interfering with cables and equipment. 
  • Energy efficiency and heat management: Servers require considerable energy to function optimally, so finding the most energy-efficient lighting option can reduce power consumption and generate less heat within racks. Server rack LED lighting is often the most effective option. Our products are purpose-built to minimize heat buildup and create a more stable server and equipment environment. 
  • Customization and control: Every setup is different, so we offer preconfigured and custom options. You can build your rack light panels and gooseneck or use accessories to create a bespoke lighting arrangement. 
  • Durability and reliability: Look for lighting solutions with good temperature tolerance and a long life span. Purpose-built lighting is best to handle the rigors of server rack requirements with minimal maintenance. 

Emcor’s Server Rack and Cabinet Lighting Options

Our cabinet and enclosure lighting options suit any server rack setup. You can choose from our preconfigured options or build your own with our range of lights and accessories. Our selection includes:


Racklights occupy 1U of rack space and illuminate an entire electronic equipment rack. Choose from one of two bulb types —  a dimmable 5-watt halogen bulb or a Switchable (Red/White) LED bulb. All Racklights include 12-Volt power supply and mounting hardware.

Pre-Configured Racklight
Single Gooseneck

Pre-Configured Racklight
Double Gooseneck

Build Your Own Racklight

Build Your Own Racklight


Lampsets can be set on work surfaces or mounted panels, allowing the user to shed light exactly where needed. The weighted base allows a lampset to sit on any flat surface, and the Rack-It Bracket allows a lampset to be rack mounted taking up 0U of space.


Weighted Base

Rack Mount Bracket


The following accessories are available for use with Racklights and Lampsets.

Splitter for Halogen Bulbs

Splitter for LED Bulbs

5-Watt Halogen Replacement Bulb

Why Choose Emcor for Your Cabinet and Server Rack Lighting Needs?

In addition to manufacturing standard and custom server racks and cabinets, we provide the accessories you need for effective cable routing, airflow, ventilation, security and lighting. Partnering with a rack and cabinet provider you can trust transforms your operations, saving time and boosting your bottom line. Some of the many benefits of being an Emcor customer include:

  • Superior customer service: Our journey with our customers continues after a purchase. Our experienced team supports you if you have issues or questions. We follow through, ensuring the products you purchase perform optimally. 
  • Expansive product offerings: Our extensive range of products means you can find what you need for your unique operation. If you can’t find it, you can build or modify it. We will tailor your products to suit your precise requirements, creating a one-of-a-kind setup designed for your operation. 
  • Quick lead times: We understand the importance of uptime in your operations and strive to deliver the fastest possible turnaround times. We constantly evolve our offerings to meet customer needs, creating our Platinum and Diamond Delivery programs to ship products up to two weeks faster than average. 
  • Experience and expertise: As a prominent leader in the enclosure market, you can rely on our experienced team of experts to find the perfect solution for your server rack or cabinet. We will work with you every step of the way so the result meets the size and scope of your operation. 

Contact Emcor Today for Server Rack and Cabinet Lighting Solutions

Whatever your server enclosure, rack or cabinet needs, we can help you achieve your optimal setup. Contact us for assistance with quotes or placing an order!