Server Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet & Enclosure Lighting Options

We offer a variety of lighting options for ESQ®,10 Series®, FP1 and FP2.


Racklights occupy 1U of rack space and provide illumination for an entire rack of electronic equipment.  Choose from one of two bulb types: a dimmable 5-Watt halogen bulb or Switchable (Red/White) LED bulb. All Racklights include 12-Volt power supply and mounting hardware.

Pre-Configured Racklight
Single Gooseneck

Pre-Configured Racklight
Double Gooseneck

Build Your Own Racklight

Build Your Own Racklight


Lampsets are meant can be set on work surface or mounted panel allowing the user to shed light exactly where it is needed. The weighted base allows a lampset to sit on any flat surface, and the Rack-It Bracket allows a lampset to be rack mounted taking up 0U of space.


Weighted Base

Rack Mount Bracket


The following accessories are available for use with Racklights and Lampsets.

Splitter for Halogen Bulbs

Splitter for LED Bulbs

5-Watt Halogen Replacement Bulb