Rack Mounting Rails and Straps

Servers and other hardware equipment are sensitive, and choosing the right rack mounting option promotes air circulation, security and scalability. The more functional and efficient your rack mounting system, the better you can manage your operation.

Emcor’s rack mounting straps and rails give you the flexibility and confidence you need to build your ideal operation. We can help you maximize your space and secure your servers with various options and reliable materials.

Server Rack Mounting Rails and Straps Options

Mounting rails and mounting straps allow equipment to be rack-mounted inside the enclosure. While both are used to rack-mount equipment, each has a different functionality. We offer several styles, however, the shape is different for 10 Series® allowing for higher weight load capacity. Mounting hardware is included, if not configured before shipment.

Why the Right Rack Mounting Rails and Straps Matter

Servers require secure, temperature-controlled environments to operate. Providing an optimal environment can be challenging, so you want the mounting process to be as easy as possible. Some considerations when choosing reliable mounting options include:

  • Server compatibility: Choose mounting rails and straps compatible with various server models so you don’t have to purchase unnecessary equipment when introducing new hardware. 
  • Simple installation: Look for rack mounting options that require minimal tools to install, move or maintain. You should be able to mount and secure your equipment without complex tools or extensive expertise. 
  • Stability and security: Mounting solutions should be robust and reliable to prevent unnecessary damage to your servers and other equipment.
  • Flexibility and adjustability: Every setup is different. As your operation expands or changes, you need to adjust your mounting solutions to accommodate. Look for customizable features to create and maintain a functional setup that works in your space. 

Emcor mounting rails and straps provide a cost-effective solution by reducing installation time, boosting equipment stability and minimizing the risk of damage. They also allow you to accommodate custom server racks and other equipment, providing a solution as unique as your operation. 

Emcor Mounting Rails

Our mounting rails are unique in that they have two flanges – front and side. The front flange is the standard flange that all rack mount equipment and accessories utilize. The side flange is used to mount accessories that are unique to Emcor. By using the side flange to mount accessories, it leaves the front flange open to mount equipment or panels.

In addition, each flange can be ordered with Tapped-Holes or Thru-Holes — meant to be used with clip nuts. Both the clip nuts and tapped holes accept #10-32 screws. Clip nuts and screws are sold separately.

These “S-shaped” mounting rails are compatible with 10 Series®

Thru-Holes on Both Flanges
(Supplied with frame)

Tapped-Hole on the Front Flange and Thru-Hole on the Side Flange

Tapped-Holes on both Flanges

These “L-shaped” mounting rails are compatible with ESQ®, FP1, and FP2.

Thru-Holes on Both Flanges
(Supplied with frame)

Tapped-Hole on the Front Flange and Thru-Hole on the Side Flange

Tapped-Holes on both Flanges

Mounting Straps

Mounting straps are ideal for different depth accessories in a frame. Straps allow full-depth items requiring rear attach points to pass by the strap and attach to the rail behind. As mounting straps do not have a front flange, only side mount style accessories can be rack mounted using mounting straps. Mounting straps are only available with Thru-Holes. Clip nuts and screws are sold separately.

These “formed” mounting straps are compatible with 10 Series®.

Thru Hole

These “flat” mounting straps are compatible with ESQ®, FP1, and FP2.

Thru Hole

Why Become an Emcor Customer?

When you’re looking for mounting solutions, you need a trustworthy provider to keep your server racks secure and functional. Becoming an Emcor customer gives you access to the following benefits:

  • The Platinum and Diamond Delivery program: For a nominal fee, we can ship your products up to two weeks faster than usual, ensuring you avoid unnecessary downtime. 
  • Excellent customer service: When you buy products from Emcor, it’s more than just a sale. Our team of experts is always available to answer questions and help you troubleshoot issues.
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Keep Your Servers Secure With Rack Mount Rails and Straps from Emcor

At Emcor, we understand the importance of keeping your servers secure. Our rack mounting solutions are ideal for any operation, boosting flexibility, simplifying installation and minimizing damage to costly equipment. Contact us for assistance with a quote, or place an order today!