Other Accessories

Other Accessory Options

The following accessory options can be added to ESQ®, 10 Series®, FCC, Desktop, Seismic, FP1, and FP2. Mounting hardware is included, if not configured prior to shipment.

We offer two types of insulated copper grounding options.

Ground Bus Bar

Ground Bus Plate

Vent Grille & Filter
5U Vent Grille is rack mounted. The filter mounts directly behind the Vent Grille providing protection of airborne particles. The filters are washable and permanent.

Vent Grille


Name Plates
1U aluminum extruded name plates provide product or system identification.

Name Plate

EIA Panel Width Reducers
Reducer Brackets provide a means of reducing part of the vertical panel opening width of the frame from 24″ to 19.” Reducer Bracket Kits provide a means of reducing the entire vertical panel opening width of the frame from 24″ to 19.”

Optional covers for the Panel Width Reducer Kits can be ordered to close the openings on the left and right.

Panel Reducer Bracket

Panel Reducer Kit