NEMA Custom Enclosures

Looking for enclosures to protect electronic components from
dust, heat, water, and other environmental hazards?

You might be interested in NEMA enclosures.




NEMA enclosures are electrical enclosures that are rated according to testing standards developed by the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association for their ability to protect equipment against things like dust, heat, water, or other environmental hazards. NEMA uses stringent testing requirements to ensure that enclosures meet their standards, and while each NEMA rating has different specifications, they’re all intended to protect electronic property from potential damage.

We offer a wide array of NEMA enclosure types to protect your electronic equipment, no matter what your external environment may be. Depending on the size and type of equipment you want to protect, we have the right product for you. Whether you’re looking for a NEMA rack enclosure, NEMA cabinet, or other specific enclosure, you’ll find it here. We even have NEMA-rated outdoor enclosures for protecting your equipment against the elements when it’s stored outside and most vulnerable. We offer Type 1, Type 3R, Type 4, and Type 12 NEMA ratings, but we can also build any type of custom NEMA enclosures depending on your specific needs. We also offer some IEEE rated enclosures, too.

Properly protecting electronic components can save your company a substantial amount of money that could otherwise be lost to damaged or destroyed equipment. At Emcor, we realize that you look to NEMA standards to ensure that the equipment you’re buying meets the highest performance rating in the industry. NEMA ratings help ensure that your business is staying compliant with rigorous safety requirements for protecting your important electronic equipment. Let us help you find the best NEMA enclosure for your needs today.


When you’re looking to protect your sensitive electronic equipment from the elements, nothing is harder than when that equipment is exposed in the elements itself—outdoors. For electrical components that are stored outdoors, the proper outdoor enclosures are essential. But not just any outdoor enclosures will do; you need ones that are top-of-the-line and able to withstand heat, wind, rain, dust, and more. You need enclosures that are waterproof, built to last, and adhere to the highest quality manufacturing standards in the business. At Emcor, we take pride in the fact that all of our outdoor electrical enclosures adhere to these rigorous specifications. Also we have experience with sun-shades, outdoor top coats, and e-coat finishes designed so that the exterior finish holds up as well as the protected devices inside.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor server racks, modular outdoor cabinets, or any other outdoor equipment enclosures, we have the right solution for you. Depending on what size, shape, and type of outdoor enclosure you’re looking for, we have various products that will be the perfect fit. Damaged electrical components can cost your company countless dollars and lost hours of productivity; protect your equipment with our durable outdoor electrical enclosures that can withstand the elements, ensuring your equipment stays safe, dry, and operational. Whether you’re dealing with hot or cold, wet or dry environments, our outdoor electrical enclosures will protect all your important equipment rain or shine so you can rest assured that business can continue as usual.

Weather & Waterproof

You can control a lot of things, but you’ll never be able to control the weather. Which is why Emcor specializes in waterproof and weatherproof electrical enclosures for all your electronic components. From subzero temperatures and snowstorms to ice, rain, sleet, or extra-hot days, you can rest assured that equipment stored in our weatherproof electrical enclosures will remain protected from even the most daunting elements. We offer various enclosures to fit your specific needs—whatever height, size, and function you need the enclosures to serve, we’ve got you covered. Our lockable weatherproof enclosures prevent theft or further damage, and all of our products are watertight, meaning not a drop of water will seep into your equipment. Furthermore, Emcor can offer 100% water testing to assure that each and every product is verified and guaranteed waterproof.

There are so many environmental hazards that can harm sensitive electronic equipment; make sure you have weather and waterproof enclosures to maintain their safety. From waterproof server racks to weatherproof electrical cabinets, we specialize in enclosures that adhere to the highest industry standards and keep your equipment safe, dry, and functioning as it should. Protecting your electrical components is an important task—one that ensures your company doesn’t lose countless hours of productivity and money down the drain dealing with the consequences of damaged or malfunctioning equipment. Browse our selection of weatherproof enclosures today for peace of mind no matter the weather.


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