IBC Kits

Equipment racks or enclosures are typically shipped with only basic provisions for stabilization. Installations in geographical areas that present a risk of seismic activity known as High Seismic Areas require special consideration to maximize rack stability and to avoid damage or serious injury in the event of building or floor movement.

Emcor offers IBC kits designed to anchor the 10 Series® and GUARDIAN™ frames, meeting life safety requirements for protecting building occupants from falling objects in the event of an earthquake as outlined in the International Building Code.

Each kit contains seismic brackets that require the appropriate concrete anchoring hardware to meet local codes. Our engineers can work directly with customers and/or their engineers to provide site-specific installation recommendations.

Each bracket is aligned with a hole in the lower frame gussets. The frame spacer is also aligned with the hole in the gusset and sits underneath the frame gusset to stiffen the connection between the bracket, gusset, and the floor. The concrete stud anchor is then used to secure the frame assembly to the floor.

The following instructions show how to properly assemble the IBC kit.

10 Series IBC Kit Assembly Instructions

The following documents provide structural calculations for seismic anchorage. Use them to help determine which type of anchor to purchase in conjunction with the IBC Tie Down Kit. 

10 Series Structural Cabinet Analysis*

GUARDIAN™ Structural Cabinet Analysis*

*These documents identify a few possible anchoring methods. Each specific installation should be analyzed for the best anchoring solution.