Aerospace, Defense & Military Electronics Enclosures

Military Enclosures

Some of the most critical electronics in use today are those used by aerospace or defense personnel in many harsh environments. Failure of these electronics is not an option.

Protecting this sensitive equipment is extremely important and very stringent design requirements must be followed to ensure their safety and operation. Electronic equipment enclosures are on ships, in aircraft, and on the ground across aerospace and defense applications.

We have been manufacturing enclosures to protect mission-critical equipment for decades.

Requirements of Electronic Enclosures for Aerospace and Defense Industries

Equipment used in a military or defense setting must meet requirements laid out by MIL-STD standards. These necessities typically revolve around shock, vibration, isolation, corrosion, electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI) and mother nature.

Protecting electronic equipment from EMI is an important feature of a military server cabinet. EMI can disrupt the way your devices and equipment function. It can come from several sources, including:

  • Wireless devices.
  • Cosmic activity.
  • Lightning.
  • Snowstorms.
  • Weaponized EMI.

Using a military data equipment enclosure can help increase safety and allow your electronics to function normally. In the aerospace and defense industries, preventing EMI disruptions — especially from weaponized sources — is vital.

In these environments, you also need to protect electronic equipment from shock and vibration. A reliable enclosure manufacturer will run tests to ensure that the custom electronic military enclosures meet regulatory standards and guidelines.

Electronic Enclosure Applications for Aerospace and Defense

Electronic enclosures protect various equipment pieces in these industries. Some of their applications include:

  • Mission computing systems.
  • Payload management systems.
  • SATCOM equipment.
  • Electronic warfare systems.
  • Navigational guidance systems.
  • Maintenance systems.

Design and Manufacturing Military Enclosures

Our engineers understand the importance of functioning custom-built enclosures. With decades of experience, our design team can develop a plan for your enclosure that meets your needs. We use only the best practices to ensure the plan is executed correctly and according to your budget. Our engineers are trained to help you meet military and defense codes. We can also create special access areas and specific mount openings.

Our teams will conduct EMI testing and compliance to ensure your enclosures work as intended. We run stress, failure effects and mechanical tests as well. Our manufacturers can complete everything from laser cutting to welding and assembling.

Customizing your enclosures and rack systems can provide numerous benefits, including increased efficiency.

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