Air Traffic Control Equipment

Emcor has a long tradition of leadership in providing ATC consoles and enclosures used for air traffic control. From towers to TRACONS to RAPCONS…for FAA and DOD…our installations span the nation and the world.

The FAA has begun to transition from the 20th-century analog, ground-based architecture, to a 21st-century digital, satellite-based suite of tools that can handle the demands of America’s economy. Emcor is right there alongside “the FAA of tomorrow” anticipating every move creating consoles and enclosures to handle the new suite of digital tools. 

traditional air traffic control console

Air Traffic Control Tower Installations

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) outlines standards for air traffic control (ATC) tower consoles, including minimum spacing requirements, size recommendations, and layout configurations. The criteria differ slightly based on a tower’s square footage. At Emcor, we have a full selection of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) consoles that meet the FAA’s tower installation standards. 

Our team builds these consoles in-house, doing as much preassembly as possible to make your installation quick and effortless. We supply material bills, Autocad®, or PDF-style files for reference on request. Also, we always follow up on our tower installations to ensure equipment function and customer satisfaction. As a result, we can make adjustments or customize solutions for optimal performance even after the initial installation is complete.

Emcor has handled tower console installations for some of the country’s busiest airports, including Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and the Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.

TRACON Installations

The FAA also specifies requirements for terminal radar approach control centers (TRACONs). For example, TRACON consoles must contain non-glare and non-reflective surfaces.

Emcor’s COTS TRACON consoles benefit from our in-house manufacturing processes. We precut panels and equipment cut-outs for an ideal fit based on your unique electronics. Plus, we use the latest in measurement technologies to ensure precision. Emcor is ISO 9001-certified, so our consoles meet stringent requirements for durability and quality.

Our team has had the privilege of creating TRACON console solutions for air traffic control centers from Florida to Washington and many states in between.

RAPCON Installations

While radar approach control centers (RAPCONs) are commonly used in military installations, they still need to follow the FAA guidelines for layout, construction, and more. 

Emcor designs our RAPCON consoles for decades of use. As a result, they have the necessary flexibility and versatility to adapt to changes in equipment. Modular components make it easy to swap out or upgrade a section if necessary.

Emcor proudly handles RAPCON installations for military bases and Air National Guard locations throughout the country.

International Air Traffic Control Installations

While international airports may not have to follow FAA guidelines, they have strict air traffic control equipment requirements. For example, some areas are more seismically active, calling for rugged equipment that can withstand vibrations.

Busy global airports see constant equipment use, so they require durable products. Emcor’s console equipment features the sturdy construction and quality ATC operators worldwide demand. We’ve provided durable consoles to critical flight operations in China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

FAA and DOD Programs

Emcor’s experience extends to many FAA programs, including

  • ATOP
  • AFSS (upgrade)
  • VSCS
  • ACE \ IDS
  • WAAS
  • IVSR
  • MSAS

We’ve also partnered with the Department of Defense to bring our expertise to:

  • NAS
  • STARs
  • Military bases throughout the world

Emcor’s Custom Air Traffic Control Enclosure Solutions

Emcor offers customized solutions for situations when a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t apply. Our talented team of designers, engineers, and manufacturing specialists creates, builds, and installs custom consoles and equipment enclosures for the world’s most demanding industries.

Work with us to craft a to-spec product that meets FAA requirements and your unique application needs.

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