Broadcast Equipment Rack Enclosures

Critical elements for success in the broadcast market are deployment speeds and quality of services such as IPTV, VoIP and VOD (Video on Demand).

We have developed cost-saving equipment rack and console products to support rapid installation. They allow you to manage equipment, power, and cables while providing ample service access for maintenance.

Broadcast Market Needs

When working with broadcast equipment, you should take several measures to ensure it remains in good condition. Broadcast equipment rack enclosures provide multiple benefits, including:

  • Protecting the equipment from damage, including the most sensitive parts of the electronics.
  • Providing adequate cooling measures for the electronics.
  • Increasing cable performance, protection and organization.
  • Saving space inside the server or broadcast room, especially since you can mount the equipment wherever you need it.

Our broadcast equipment consoles can also help increase your organization and access to the equipment.

Applications for Broadcast Server Racks and Enclosures

We have broadcasting cabinets and other equipment to meet the needs of people in commercial, residential, and broadcast AV.

Residential AV

Residential AV can involve several items that our enclosures and cabinets can accommodate. Some of these include:

  • Smart home controls.
  • Security cameras and systems.
  • Wireless networks.
  • Audio and video systems throughout the whole home.

Commercial AV

We can set up consoles and racks for commercial AV purposes as well. Our products are beneficial for the following items:

  • Speakers
  • Lighting systems
  • Projectors
  • Wireless audio systems
  • Videoconferencing hubs

Broadcast Engineers

Broadcast engineers work with various pieces of sensitive equipment. Keep it safe with the help of an enclosure or rack from Emcor. Some electronics you might need to protect include:

  • Networks and servers.
  • Audio components.
  • Visual components.
  • Cables.

Our Design and Manufacturing Process at Emcor

Server rooms at broadcast stations are often small. Our engineers understand the importance of well-built custom enclosures and racks for your equipment. Our design teams have decades of experience to help create enclosures or racks that will work for you. We’ll use strict practices to execute the plan correctly and on budget. We can help you meet stringent codes, define special access points or create specific mount openings as well 

Our teams conduct electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing and compliance. We also run failure effects, mechanical and stress tests to ensure your racks do their job. On the manufacturing side, our teams can do punching, welding, finishing, and more.

Increase productivity and efficiency levels by customizing enclosures and racks for broadcast equipment.

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At Emcor, our goal is to offer high-quality products to people in any industry. Our engineers will listen to your needs when developing enclosures and racks for broadcast equipment. Our customer support team is here to answer your questions during and after the purchase.

Our design and manufacturing services ensure you get racks that meet your exact specifications.

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