Data Center Products & Solutions

Whether you are designing a new data center or enhancing an existing one, Emcor, can help you achieve the ultimate data center solution based on your specific needs today, while allowing you the flexibility to succeed tomorrow.

Our unique combination of exceptional solutions and services will help you achieve all of your data center objectives. Here are just a few ways Emcor can assist you with your data center build out:

Electronics Protection

Offering a full line of data center server cabinets and open frame racks with features to protect equipment from physical security threats as well as ESD damage, Emcor’s server cabinets, switch, open rack and wall mount cabinets provide a durable physical layer to protect even the most sensitive electronics inside. Learn More.


Colocation Cages/ Data Center Cage Systems

Emcor’s data center cage/ colocation cage system is the perfect solution for data center environments requiring subdivision or a higher level of physical security. This concept is a space-saving way to implement both enhanced security without compromising access for individual, multiple, or enterprise-wide security. Our security/ server cages are modular and easily configurable. Learn More.


As the modern data center evolves, so do the demands on thermal management, airflow, cooling, and humidity control. Reliable, efficient, and capable cooling is mandatory. For this reason we can assist with the following cooling solutions:

Spot Cooling
High Density Cooling


Because challenges in space, facility limitations, and budget can impact your data center design and operation, Emcor offers unique ways to isolate hot and cold air and make the most of your data center cooling. Learn More.


Power Distribution

High-density computing means complex power distribution and monitoring. Emcor offers a wide range of power products that will help reduce the complexity of delivering power to equipment. Advance power and monitoring across the enterprise all the way down to the device level, providing intelligence so IT can manage anything from anywhere. Learn More.


Cable Management

A simple way to organize and manage equipment connections starts with clearly defined pathways for network cables. Emcor has the solutions to manage cables from connection-to-connection with rack-mounted vertical and horizontal cable managers. Learn More.

Command/Control Consoles

Emcor’s console systems are designed for the functionality necessary in a command and control environment. Our consoles efficiently accommodate all your operator equipment and cabling to turn your NOC into a clean, clutter-free environment. Learn More.



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