Data Center Containment Solutions

In a typical Data Center, only 30% of the conditioned air actually gets to where it’s needed. A typical Data Center uses 2 1/2 X more cooling than necessary and frequently still has hot spots. Using containment to aid in Data Center Airflow Management can cut energy costs.

Separating hot and cold air results in increased return air temperature back to the CRAC unit. This improves overall cooling capacity and provides colder air to the racks.

This difference increases cooling capacity by up to 40%.
Every degree in CRAC set point = 4% savings in cooling costs. Data center containment solutions allow you to increase your CRAC set point by 8°F – 10°F.

Containment options:
There are several ways containment can be accomplished in a data center. We can help you decide if soft, rigid, or a combination of the two combined with other airflow management devices are right for you.

Why Consider Data Center Containment:

  • Eliminates hot spots.
  • Supports 4x higher heat and power densities. (6kw to 30+kw)
  • Effectively utilizes 100% of supplied air and reduces chilled air waste.
  • Increase chiller efficiency or economization through higher set points.
  • Save Energy 20-40% on cooling costs.
  • Short ROI. (Typically 1 year, definitely less than 2 years)
  • Improves appearance.
  • Extend the life of IT and cooling equipment.
  • Some type of containment solution is now required in the state of CA
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