Industrial Enclosures

Emcor enclosures, cabinets, or equipment racks, address Industrial market needs to protect operators from potential harm and to protect expensive machinery from its surrounding environment.

Whether the environment is food and beverage, HVAC, machine tool, material handling and packaging, or NEMA related, manufacturers deploy a tremendous amount of automation to achieve the necessary throughput and cost. This automation drives the need for a wide variety of electrical and electronic enclosures to protect the control systems.

Managing these complex projects requires that suppliers, like Emcor, be flexible in their manufacturing and service capabilities and able to meet demanding delivery schedules. 

Applications for Industrial Control Enclosures

Enclosures for switchgear and electrical equipment are vital in manufacturing and other industrial sectors. An effective enclosure creates a secure environment for sensitive electrical components while protecting workers from contact with hazardous electrical circuitry. Some examples of the industrial applications our enclosures can handle include:

  • Food and beverage: Our metal cabinets and enclosures can be certified for use in the food and beverage manufacturing industries. We design cabinets with doors and other custom accessories to meet the diverse needs of the industry.
  • HVAC: HVAC operations cover multiple applications involving various types of controls that must be secure, protected, and accessible. We offer several enclosure designs to accommodate many HVAC applications, from small wall-mounted structures to large multi-door units.
  • Machine tools: We offer enclosures for many machine tool applications, including housing motor starters, drives, contractors, programmable logic controllers, and a wide variety of other electrical equipment.
  • Material handling and packaging: Emcor can customize enclosures specific to the demanding needs of packaging and material handling companies. Our engineers are well-versed in the requirements for these industries.
  • Oil and gas: We have standard and custom enclosure options that can stand up to the harsh environments found in the oil and gas industry. We can modify our units to meet or exceed the NEMA standards for offshore applications.
  • Transportation: We can fabricate enclosures specific to the requirements of the FAA, Department of Transportation, Department of Defense, railway agencies, and other organizations.

Custom Industrial Electrical Cabinets and Enclosures

Emcor offers an extensive range of industrial enclosures, structural framing solutions, and cooling components to ensure that equipment operates at optimum efficiency over time. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff can provide technical assistance related to the design and installation of our products. We also help our customers choose the product specific to their application to deliver the highest levels of efficiency, safety, quality, and flexibility.

We offer several types of enclosures and racks, including the following:

If you need a custom enclosure specific to a particular application, our design and manufacturing engineers can help create a product that meets those requirements. Whether the need involves a structure for a high-stress environment or an enclosure that meets specific size and weight requirements, no job is too large or small. Our meticulous testing and inspection processes ensure that the manufactured components comply with all the critical tolerances and necessary dimensions.

We offer technologically advanced powder coatings using our E-coat system to provide corrosion resistance and an extra level of durability. In addition, many of our designs are compatible with climate control and other types of power units. Some of our products can convert quickly from one structure to another, even after the initial installation.

Choose Emcor as Your Trusted Industrial Enclosure Manufacturer

Since 1975, Emcor has been an industry leader in manufacturing and designing industrial electronics enclosures. We offer one of the most comprehensive inventories of cabinets, racks, and cages on the market. Contact us online or call 507-287-3535 for order placement, product quotations, technical assistance, or general inquiries.