Security & Monitoring

Control room enclosures are essential for housing and organizing your company’s information technology (IT) equipment and systems. With reliable surveillance room products from a trusted provider, you can store technological components as securely and efficiently as possible.

Optimize your IT organization and protection with state-of-the-art security room rack cabinets, design services, and solutions from Emcor. We specialize in custom-engineered electronic equipment enclosures for our customers’ application needs, no matter their industry. Our control room solutions are used in markets ranging from aerospace to military to security and more.

Products & Solutions for the Security Market

Whether you are designing a brand new surveillance room or outfitting a small closet, Emcor can help you achieve your goals based on your specific needs. Our unique combination of products and design services will help you achieve all of your security and surveillance objectives. Here are just a few ways Emcor can assist you with your project:

Electronics Protection


Offering a full line of products with features to protect equipment from physical security, Emcor’s security cabinetsracks, and open frame racks provide a durable physical layer to protect even the most sensitive electronics. Learn more about our data center security cabinets and racks.

Command/Control Consoles


Emcor’s console systems are designed for the functionality necessary in a command and control environment. Our security consoles efficiently accommodate all your operator equipment and cabling to turn your surveillance room into a clean, clutter-free environment.

Power Distribution


High-density computing means complex power distribution and monitoring. Emcor offers a wide range of power products that will help reduce the complexity of delivering power to equipment. Advance power and monitoring across the enterprise all the way down to the device level, providing intelligence so IT can manage anything from anywhere. Learn More.

Cable Management

A simple way to organize and manage equipment A simple way to organize and manage equipment connections starts with clearly defined pathways for network cables. Emcor has the solutions to manage cables from connection-to-connection with rack-mounted vertical and horizontal cable managers. Learn More.

Contact Emcor for Custom Security Room Solutions

If you’re looking for a security room rack cabinet that meets your organization’s unique needs, Emcor is your solution. We understand that each customer is different — that’s why we use our engineering capabilities to develop electronic equipment enclosures customized to their unique requirements. We strive to deliver the most cutting-edge products across every market.

We have a knowledgeable and experienced team of designers and engineers who will listen to your expectations and create a solution. You can also expect ongoing support from the time you sign on with us onward, including post-purchase.

Contact us today to get started with our control room solutions.