Solar Energy

In the dynamic and increasingly automated world of solar energy production, protection of vital components requires many considerations. For that reason, it is important to select a manufacturer that can support the market evolution with their manufacturing capacity and custom design capabilities. 

With a focus on commercial and utility scale installations our solar energy enclosures are designed and manufactured with the system integrator in mind, using the highest quality components to ensure long-term field reliability. All products are assembled in our plant in Rochester, MN and we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Inverter Enclosures

Our inverter enclosure houses the sensitive control equipment needed for transforming power from renewable energy sources such as solar pv panels or wind turbines into useable AC power on the eclectic grid.

DC Disconnect Boxes

Emcor provides Combiner and DC disconnect boxes to meet the rapidly growing needs for today’s largest and most complex commercial and utility-scale PV designs. Our selection of DC disconnect boxes are UL listed for safety and provide proven reliability.

Inverter Housings

Inverter housing provide extra security and weather protection to a group of decentralized solar inverters. Even though the inverters themselves are self-contained, inverter enclosures provide easy mounting and extra safety.