Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement Equipment Enclosures

Emcor designs systems for the unique analysis, testing, and validation of mechanical and electronic equipment. Answering the demands of such complex systems requires proven, dependable building platforms. We’re an experienced provider who fully understands our customers’ test and measurement needs.

Our expertise in enclosures designed for the right environmental requirements enables us to provide field-proven solutions. Emcor’s test equipment enclosures are designed to be used in indoor or outdoor settings; including rugged, seismic, or harsh environments.

We form our test and measurement cabinets from standard platforms and modular units, so we can provide custom solutions for low-volume orders. Keeping design, integration, and production in-house ensures our professionals maintain control over each process step.

Test & Measurement Application Examples

Test & inspection equipment


When quality is your mission, trust Emcor’s inspection and test equipment enclosures. Our durable cabinets and racks provide sturdy and accessible platforms for your machinery and software investments. Industry examples include:

  • Automotive test equipment racks for analyzing driveshafts, timing chains, valves, and drivetrain parts in rigorous manufacturing environments.
  • Medical electronic test equipment racks to check implantable batteries for better patient treatment.
  • Aerospace measurement equipment racks and enclosures with lockability for better protection.
  • Power generation test and measurement racks and cabinets for organizing meters and analyzing relays, switches, gas turbines, and more.
  • Portable health care consoles and cabinets for providing critical testing with maximum mobility and security.
  • General manufacturing racks for housing cameras and protecting sensitive optical inspection equipment.

Environmental testing


Emcor’s enclosures and racks are ideal for safeguarding crucial environmental testing equipment. Our customers use them in applications like:

  • Holding monitoring systems that ensure proper humidity, temperature, and airflow for sensitive infrastructure.
  • Creating temperature, vibration, and humidity testing chambers for industrial labs.
  • Housing thermal imaging, pressure, and sound wave testing equipment.

Systems & control monitoring


Prototype test & development


Accurate prototype testing and measurements are essential for any successful product development process. Emcor manufactures mobile and stationary enclosures to safeguard systems used to:

  • Test workloads on servers.
  • Conduct product testing in the field.
  • Take advantage of emerging product development technology, such as 3D printers and printing supplies.
  • Visualize and simulate new concepts in real time.
  • Develop product samples with various technologies, such as milling and machining.

Remote diagnostic tools


Remotely monitoring infrastructure is essential for businesses with multiple locations or IT assets. These useful systems allow your technology staff to test, monitor, upgrade, and resolve many network issues from a distance.

Emcor designs enclosures to house and protect these valuable remote diagnostic tools. Work with us to create:

  • Network closets and small server rooms.
  • Main Distribution Frame (MDF) rooms that hold critical servers and routers.
  • Independent Distribution Frame (IDF) rooms containing patch panels and hubs.
  • Switch and network cabinets

Need Custom Test Equipment Enclosures?

Whether you need rack-mounted test equipment protection or custom diagnostic tool enclosures, Emcor offers design services and solutions to meet your project’s needs for functionality and design. Our team of expert engineers will work with your team to support any stage of your product, from concept to production. Contact us online or call 507- 287-3535 to speak with a representative to get started today.