server rack seismic anchor kit

IBC Seismic Server Rack/Cabinet Anchoring Kit

Equipment racks or cabinets are typically shipped with only basic provisions for stabilization. Installations in geographical areas that present a risk of seismic activity known as High Seismic Areas require special consideration to maximize rack stability and to avoid damage or serious injury in the event of building or floor movement.

We offer IBC kits designed to anchor our 10 Series® and GUARDIAN™ frames, meeting life safety requirements for protecting building occupants from falling objects in the event of an earthquake as outlined in the International Building Code.

The cabinet or rack cannot be anchored to the ground if casters or leveling feet are on the frame.

Did you Know?

Earthquakes are not limited to the state of California, nor are they infrequent. Seismic events take place every day throughout much of the continental United States. There are two standards by which enclosures are deemed seismic. Telcordia GR-63 and International Building Code (IBC). Learn more about the differences here.


Each kit contains seismic brackets that require the appropriate concrete anchoring hardware to meet local codes. Please review the Structural Analysis Documents to determine which type of anchor to purchase. Or our engineers can work directly with customers and/or their engineers to provide site-specific installation recommendations.

Loading Tips

Installation of the cabinet or rack

  • To achieve maximum protection, the cabinet or rack needs to be properly and firmly anchored to the floor of the building.
  • Consult a structural/building engineer if you need help installing the concrete anchors. 
  • Drilling details are in the Installation Instructions.

How the equipment is distributed in the cabinet or rack

  • Keep the center-of-gravity low by placing heavier components towards the bottom of the enclosure.
  • Ganging cabinets or racks will produce a more stable installation than a single cabinet or rack.