wall mounted swing server rack

Swing Racks

The Swing Racks are a family of open wall-mounted 19” EIA racks available in three heights. Swing Racks are copper and fiber ready, are easy to install, and provide easy access to the front and rear of equipment. Use Swing Racks to store network, communications and security equipment in telecommunication and equipment rooms or in other rooms where floor space is limited.

Swing Racks support 19” EIA rack-mount equipment and single-sided shelves. Equipment mounts on a hinged gate. The gate has single-sided rack-mount rails with roll-formed 12-24 threads for attaching equipment. The gate swings open to provide easy access to the rear of equipment during service work. The gate is secured in the closed position with a removable pin that latches through the wall-mount frame.

Need Something More Robust?

Upgrade to a wall mounted cabinet.



  • Swing-out rack-mount frame provides easy access to the rear of installed equipment
  • Opens 180 degrees to right or left
  • Fiber and copper ready
  • Up to 85 lbs. [38 kg.] load rating
  • 19” EIA threaded 12-24 equipment mounting rails
  • Durable all-steel construction

Paint / Finish

  • Our products are finished in black textured powder paint. Powder coating provides a durable high-quality finish.

Load Rating

  • Load Rating: 85lbs. [38 kg.]

Industry Standards

  • EIA 310-D

Sizes Available

Swing Racks

Includes: Includes: Rack and Gate with Removable Pin.

Part Number Rack Units

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