Telcordia GR-63

Telcordia GR-63 Seismic qualified enclosures are designed to meet or exceed the Telcordia NEBS Zone 4 testing objectives and requirements. GR-63 describes the protection level of an enclosure. It requires an enclosure to provide a level of protection such that the equipment inside shall sustain operation without replacement of components, manual rebooting, (or) human intervention during an earthquake

To achieve GR-63 compliance, enclosure manufacturers turn to independent, third-party testing facilities. An enclosure is loaded to capacity and mounted on a shaker table. The shaker table then simulates an earthquake, shaking in every potential direction at varying levels of intensity up to the equivalent of an 8.3 earthquake. Accelerometers are attached to the enclosure to measure its vibration and sway during the test.

To pass the test and achieve the seismic rating, the enclosure must not sway more than three inches in any direction and all components must remain operable during and after the test. This test is the same for every enclosure manufacturer, regardless of where that enclosure is going to be used or its intended purpose. 

Emcor offers a line of configure to order enclosures that are GR-63 compliant 


  • Fully welded frame structure
  • Nine heights, four depths
  • 630 lb. load rating with center of gravity at approximately 30”
  • Multi-formed vertical corner posts
  • Heavy duty door with multi-point latching system
  • Robust door hinges
  • Locking hardware
  • Floor tie-down brackets

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