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Processors with higher speeds and newer components like blade servers can cause issues with existing equipment and power density. That’s why education and research facilities need unique data center solutions to manage heat, organize cables, and support equipment weight.

Emcor understands this and develops cost-saving products to support rapid installation and allow you to effectively manage equipment, while providing ample service access for maintenance.

Data Center Demands & High-Performance Computing

Higher education facilities have unique demands when it comes to data centers. 

Universities need ultra-high-density power, rigid security, consistent efficiency, and dependable performance. Research universities, especially, require these features, as high-performance computing (HPC) clusters are essential for their operations. These clusters help provide the storage, data transfer, quality, and power higher education organizations need to meet their end-user requirements.

HPC server racks are crucial for safeguarding vital infrastructure while meeting industry standards. Emcor’s in-house design and engineering teams create our products to meet strict ISO 9001 quality guidelines. As a result, you get long-lasting components you can trust.

Our high-performance computing racks and cabinets offer benefits like:

  • Security: Safeguard data and cables with lockable panels and doors.
  • Durability: Replace equipment less often, thanks to rugged construction that supports longer life spans.
  • Flexibility: Choose your racks, cabinets, and cages from our complete line of pre-configured products for faster processing, or build an individualized solution with a host of available options.
  • Scalability: Combine our units to quickly add capacity and new equipment.
  • Compatibility: Pair our racks, cabinets, and cages with technology like GapFill™ airflow accessories and Power Distribution Units (PDUs).

How to Modernize and Optimize

When it’s time to upgrade your data center, Emcor can help. Our data center solutions include:

  • Air-conditioned server cabinets: The DEFENDER™ air conditioned server cabinets provide integrated cooling for remote areas or those without cooling options available. These NEMA-rated units generate up to 4kW of cooling to protect electronics from overheating and possible damage. Easy-to-clean filters and an eco-friendly coolant are extra benefits.
  • Data center cages: Our designs allow for efficient floor space use while maintaining security and airflow. Emcor constructs these cages from sturdy steel components that can mount to floors, ceilings, and walls for structural support. They’re compatible with existing infrastructure for cost savings, too.
  • Premium server cabinets: PROTECTOR™ server cabinets feature RoHS compliance and full-system ventilation. Our GUARDIAN™ line offers a welded steel frame and optional tie-downs for use in higher seismic environments. Both meet EIA 310-D standards.
  • Security AV cabinets and racks: Emcor’s security AV cabinets and racks come with integrated temperature-control fans and knock-outs for better cable management. Each features rugged construction to support various IT or research lab equipment. Swivel casters make them simple to reposition when empty.
  • Wall-mount cabinets and racks: These products are ideal for areas with less floor space and include sizes between 6U and 20U. Choose from fixed or swing-out designs with support ranges up to 325 pounds. Both styles feature adjustable rails from front to rear.
  • Aisle containment: Typical data center designs only circulate about 30% of conditioned air where it needs to go. Our hot aisle/cold aisle containment solutions solve this problem by eliminating hot spots. Plus, they deliver higher power density while cutting energy costs for a better return on investment.

Emcor offers a wide range of cabinet and rack accessories to make installation and implementation seamless. Our team also creates and manufactures custom solutions. We maintain control over the entire project development process in-house to deliver accurate results.

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Emcor has been an industry leader in providing data center solutions since 1975. Our expertise and service bring colleges, trade schools, and research universities the products they need to support and protect growing infrastructure. Explore our complete selection of higher education server racks, cabinets, and more to modernize and maximize your university’s data center and HPC clusters.