Emcor Visio Shapes

Familiar with Visio? We have shapes of our most popular products. Download our entire library and start laying out your project ASAP.

Emcor’s Visio Shape Library uses intelligent, predefined SmartShapes® (exact representations of our parts) that snap together to create scale drawings of our enclosures and consoles. Simply drag and drop shapes to the page.

Our Visio Shape Library consists of shapes for ESQ, 10 Series, FP1 and FP2 product lines in both front and plan views. We have also included detailed dimensional information that can accessed from the “Custom Properties” window that can inserted into your drawing

How to use Emcor’s Visio shapes

Need help designing rack space for you network or instrumentation equipment or creating a diagram of your room with our console as the centerpiece? Check out our instructional videos.

10 Series Shapes

ESQ Shapes

FP1 Shapes – Plan View

FP1 Shapes – Front Elevation View

FP2 Shapes – Plan View

FP2 Shapes – Front Elevation View
Cobalt Cab Video
Crenlo Enclosure Video