Audiovisual (AV) Rack Enclosures

Looking to update the sound, video, or camera systems in your business? We can help. Our unique combination of A/V Are you looking to update the sound, video, or camera systems in your business? We can help. Our unique combination of AV products and design services will help you meet all of your goals and objectives. Here are just a few ways we can assist you with your project:

AV Electronics Protection


We offer a full line of CabinetsRacksWall Mounted, and Open Frame Racks to provide durable protection for sensitive electronics. From network servers to cables, speakers and security systems, our team can help you design products that keep your equipment safe.



Designed for functionality in a security or AV environment, our AV Control Room Consoles accommodate operator equipment and cabling to turn your space into a clutter-free environment. 

Your audiovisual control room desk needs to be comfortable for operators to work at, which is why we pay close attention to detail. We want to keep everything within reach or otherwise easily accessible. Our audiovisual command centers increase ergonomics and reduce distractions, allowing your operators to focus.



Powering all of those high-end cameras, video, and sound systems can be a challenge. We offer a wide range of power products that will help reduce the complexity of delivering power to equipment. Running power cables throughout your control rooms or studios can cause clutter and hazards. Our AV control room consoles remove these obstacles without compromising on power.

Cable Management

A simple way to organize and manage equipment connections starts with clearly defined pathways. We have solutions to handle cables with rack-mounted vertical and horizontal cable managers. Your equipment faces several hazards without proper cable management, including restricted airflow and decreased performance.

Designing and Manufacturing Custom AV Rack Cabinets at Emcor

When you’re trying to keep all of your servers and other AV equipment organized in a small space, you need custom rack enclosures. Our engineers can work with you to build products that fit exactly how you need them to. Whether you need to meet specific codes, have special access areas or specific mount openings, our team can help.

Our decades of experience give us the necessary knowledge and know-how to work with whatever environment you’re in. We use only the best practices to ensure our plans are executed well and on time.

Increase productivity by opting for custom enclosures, racks, or even your audiovisual command center.

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At Emcor, we take pride in offering the highest-quality racks and enclosures to individuals in the AV industry. The experts on our engineering and design teams will listen to your specifications as they develop the products you need for AV equipment. 

Trust Emcor when you need a custom product. Our customer support team is available to answer your questions and address concerns during and after your purchase.

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