Telecommunication cabinets, enclosures, and equipment racks, address current information technology market trends for high-density server and networking applications. Processor speeds are on the rise, and smaller equipment — like blade servers — generate challenges for power density and equipment.

These issues need solutions addressing cable management, heat dissipation, and heavier equipment. Other considerations arise from environmental factors, such as anchoring needs in seismically active locations. Emcor has telecom power cabinet and rack solutions to meet these demands.

3 locking audio visual server racks

Telecommunication Server Racks

With many businesses switching to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, demand for telecom equipment server racks is rising. Emcor’s telecom racks are ideal for organizing crucial equipment and cables while maintaining easy access and maximum airflow.

EIA-310-D Standard Telco Racks

We manufacture these in-house following ISO 9001 quality guidelines as well as following EIA-310 (Electronic Industries Association) specifications.

The 2-post design is an affordable way to support up to 800 pounds of telecom equipment. Use this option as a stand-alone rack or combine multiple units for additional equipment. 

Our 4-post variety offers the stability of a cabinet with the access benefits of a rack. These products also support up to 800 pounds and are helpful in larger-scale telecom projects requiring more cabling and equipment. Adjustable-depth racks accommodate assets of differing sizes for more flexibility.

Emcor’s wall-mounted swing racks provide a compact solution that can support up to 85 pounds on the hinged gate. Use them in applications where floor space is limited.

Telecommunication Enclosures

Emcor brings decades of experience in creating telecom equipment enclosures for various applications.

Our industry-leading ESQ® cabinets provide a scalable modular solution for cable and asset management. They’re ideal when floor space is plentiful. 

Designed to support a static load of 3,500 pounds, the Emcor 10 Series® is our most robust cabinet for telecom applications. Four depth sizes and a fully welded frame mean it can easily handle projects with extensive cabling needs.

Custom add-ons for both cabinets include cable management accessories and raceways. Emcor can also outfit telecom enclosures with lighting for maximum visibility.

Telecommunication Wall-Mounted Server Cabinets

Save more floor space with our complete line of GUARDIAN™ wall-mount server enclosures. These feature either swing-out or fixed designs, giving you telecom cable security and accessibility options.

Hinged styles quickly transform from rack to cabinet, even post-installation. As a result, it’s simple to safeguard assets at project completion while maintaining rack accessibility during the cabling phase.

Wall-mounted server cabinets are a savvy choice for smaller projects and remote installations. They feature lockable fronts to protect sensitive telecom equipment and cabling.

Need custom telecom racks or equipment cabinets?

Our custom design services allow us to create solutions for any product spec. Trust our engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities for support across each project phase, from new concept to final production. Contact us to discuss your needs today.